Stranger #01

Marfa map2.jpg

The landscape is beautiful,
the desert commands attention.

I walked through all the streets of Marfa, searching for connection. 

This project stemmed from a three-week residency in Marfa, Texas, in partnership with the Dutch Art Institute and the Sandberg Institute in The Netherlands. In an attempt to forge a relationship with the site and a connection with this desert, Mismar walked all its streets. He had the Wi-Fi page of his phone open, screening the various names as they change from one street to the other: names of residents, lovers, pets, streets, moods, curses... 

The outcome of these walks is a 9-hour video, projected on the window of the exhibition space, where the networks are refreshed and re-refreshed in the foreground, and the city of Marfa occupies the background. Sounds of footsteps, the desert wind, and the dogs attacking the stranger with his phone make up the soundtrack.

Performance, video installation.
Marfa, Texas, 2013